Why You Need A Website To Build Your Microblading Business

Building a successful microblading business requires 2 things:

  1. Getting really good at microblading, and
  2. Marketing yourself effectively.

You can build a very lucrative and successful microblading / permanent makeup (PMU) business, however, being good at the art will not be sufficient as the popularity of microblading continues to grow.

You need to stand out. And to stand out, you need effective marketing.

You need to provide your potential customer a reason to come to you instead of visiting Mrs. Joe Shmo down the block who is simply using low pricing to steal your prospective customers.

So you must ask yourself, “how can I stand out?”

One simple way is to present yourself as a serious professional. Not just someone who does microblading as a side gig to make a couple extra bucks.

As a result of the lucrative opportunity associated with microblading, you will see many people jump into this field over the next several years. However, like most fields, many who jump in won’t make it, or won’t stick to it, and of the ones who do, many will not treat it seriously.

This is your opportunity to stand out.

So how can you present yourself as a serious professional, qualified to deliver the gorgeous brows your prospective customer has been dreaming of?

Well there’s many ways. But in this post we are going to concentrate on just one: A professional website.

Benefits of a website:

  1. FIRST IMPRESSION – A beautifully designed website makes a very strong initial impression. It reflects a level of professionalism that your prospects are looking for in their microblading and PMU artist.
  2. ANSWERS QUESTIONS – A website answers questions about your service, about your qualifications, and if designed correctly, brings your visitors through a logical thought process that helps them determine if A. microblading or pmu is for them, and B. that you are the qualified artist they should want to go to for the service.
  3. CALL TO ACTION – For all of the marketing that you do both online and offline (including brochures, word of mouth and other forms of local marketing), you need to have a Call To Action (CTA). For example, if you are posting before and after pictures on your social media, you need to have a CTA in the post – an action that can be taken to learn more or to contact you. An invitation to learn more at your website is a very professional CTA. This flow from online and offline marketing to your website is a perfect method to attract interest about your service and then educate your prospect further and bring them to the point at which they contact you to schedule an appointment.
  4. 24 / 7 SALES – A website continues selling your services 24/7. No matter what day or what time of day someone clicks on your website, a website continues to educate your prospect about your service, your qualifications and why they should select you, even while you sleep!

Now, the only problem with all of this is that building a website can be a long, expensive and frustrating process.

And even when done, often times it is not exactly what you intended to create and isn’t nearly as effective as you would like. Why?

  1. You may not fully understand your own needs
  2. You may not know how to communicate what you want to a web developer
  3. Your web developer may not understand your business and how to create a website that is highly effective for your purposes.

For these reasons we (Microblading Academy USA) designed a website specifically for a microblading and PMU artist that you can purchase.

What’s included in the website that you can purchase from us?

  1. A beautiful website, ready to go, that is customized for you to promote your microblading service.
  2. Your website will come branded specifically for YOUR business:
    1. Your logo (If you don’t have one we can have one created for you)
    2. Your contact information and social media links
    3. Your description in the ABOUT page
    4. Your own before and after photos
    5. Your own domain name
  3. It will include one year of hosting, maintenance, security updates and support.
  4. The cost will be SIGNIFICANTLY less than what you would have to pay on your own. (We arranged a volume discount!)
  5. You get to skip a very long and often frustrating process of building a website. All the work has been done for you!
  6. Your website can be ready for you to promote in just a short time from the date when you purchase it! (Depending on how quickly you provide your digital assets…)

How do you purchase this website?

Complete and submit the form on THIS PAGE or simply contact us at 561 922 8001 or [email protected]

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