Find A Mentor [The Best Shortcut In Microblading Certification]

This subject is so important I had to write a full blog post on it.


The fastest and easiest way to achieve success in almost anything is to get a mentor.  Find someone who has the success you desire and copy them. Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel.

Once you find your mentor, look at the success they have and spend some time thinking about what their success might mean in your own life.  This is how you can develop your “Reason”.

Look at what your mentor’s path to success was. Study it. Can you replicate it?  Can you break down the path that your mentor took into action steps that you could take?  Could you further create monthly goals out of those action steps to keep yourself progressing?

If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals and you have a clear action plan with specific steps to follow, you are way ahead of 90% of your competition.

But if you also have a mentor that you are chasing after who has already blazed a path for you to follow, you’ve got absolutely everything you need to transform your life into the life you want.

While this applies to most every goal you could set for yourself in your life, it most certainly applies to your microblading certification.

Often times a mentor can provide you shortcuts and spoon feed you lessons learned from both successes as well as mistakes. Why learn the lessons by making the mistakes when you could simply learn and apply those very same lessons from someone else’s mistakes?

What takes the average person 1 year to accomplish if they must learn on their own, could be accomplished by the same average person in less than 1 or 2 months under a mentorship.


How do you find a mentor?

Sometimes it’s a matter of finding someone with the success you desire and straight up asking for their help. Though this is probably not the most likely way you will develop the kind of relationship you seek.

Another way is to find someone who has the success you desire and figure out a way to get close to that person and become a value to them. Help them. Demonstrate to them your commitment to them and to what it is you desire and watch how they magically decide one day to offer you guidance and help.

Remember, having a mentor relationship is not a one way street. Value must flow in both directions. Plus, remember, you likely only need a few good pearls of wisdom from time to time to add to what you already know to help you leapfrog to the next level.


Having a mentor available when you run into a jam of any kind will be a tremendous help. But when that moment comes, you better make sure you have credit built up with the “Mentorship Bank and Trust”, if you know what I mean. Don’t try to make a withdrawal if you haven’t made enough deposits.

This goes back to figuring out how to be a value to the person you identify that could be your mentor. Keep making yourself valuable to them. When the day comes that you need support or need an important question answered, you will see just how comfortable it feels to ask.

Yet another way to find a mentor is through a coaching program or course. Many successful individuals in many fields are aware that their experience and knowledge is very valuable and they put that knowledge together in some form of a book, seminar or online course. For example, our head trainer Kler Rosenberg has a very successful microblading business and she offers a crash course for free as a webinar called Double Your Income With Microblading In 12 Months by joining the mailing list on our website.

This recorded webinar includes some very powerful tips and insights that you can only get from a large amount of experience performing microblading and having achieved great success in the field.

Like I said before, why learn from your own mistakes when you can leapfrog to the next level by learning those same lessons from someone else’s mistakes.

If you want to change your life, I mean REALLY change your life, you can accomplish it with a career in microblading. Go find the best, high quality microblading training you can, get certified, practice like a maniac and make it happen. But if you want to make it happen quickly, find yourself a mentor to follow first. Make yourself a value to them. Learn from their mistakes and replicate their successes and get started making your life the way you want it, today.

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