THE MISSION OF BEAUTY ANGELS is to help our students and customers achieve freedom & fulfillment from a career in microblading & PMU.

WE DO THIS by providing world class products and education, business building programs, and by facilitating a joyful community of angels that support one another and celebrate together.

We Know we are successful when we see our students succeeding and enjoying their new profession.

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Clorae Baca
Clorae Baca
I was originally told by someone that Kler was amazing. The class was ok, but she’s kind of insincere. But it’s fine, I got started in CraftMaster, progressed, and then ended up in the hospital. When I got out I saw a bunch of drama all over the Internet. Kler posted the email conversation that Phi sent her when she opened up her Beauty Angels. And I was mortified. Why was she advertising this? I understand she wanted to open up her own business but it looks bad when one business bad-mouths another. Phi was already doing this to her, and she did the same. But the most scary part was that I had 2-3 months left on CraftMaster to finish, and my instructor that I chose based on referral had abandoned me. When I reached out, she seemed super excited to help me, and promised to help get me transitioned, with 6 months of education and shading at no extra cost. So I agreed, and waited. And waited and waited. And now here I am 9-10 weeks later and never got login in info, never got my course info, and I’m not finished with Phi, and Im right in the middle of lessons but nowhere to go. I reached out to Phi, and they said that because I paid Kler directly, she would have to refund my money since she wasn’t able to completely honor what I paid for. So, in my frustrated attempt, reaching out to her again and explain my frustration. And all she can offer me is to come to another weekend class for the months I’ve wasted?! I own my own business so, taking another weekend off from existing clients is something I can’t afford! Saturday’s alone pay all my bills. So, I really just wanted to get my money back so I can start fresh with another company that honors what they promise and promises what they say. I kept telling Kler i just wanted my money back and instead she blamed me for not practicing enough. Blamed me for trying to scam her? (I don’t even know how that’s possible?) Maybe some people wait to get education and then try and get all their money back, but that wasn’t the case here. I paid for lessons WITH HER (not the person she was trying to pawn me off on) for the weekend certification, kit and 6 months of CraftMaster. And I was willing to accept her new business / education but I never even got it!!!! How do you blame a student for wanting their money back because they didn’t get the education and time she promised? And then get nasty with them because they are beyond frustrated they just want to go somewhere else?? Never in my life have I been treated so poorly and blamed for being frustrated. Never have I been accused of trying to scam someone. Or accused of not wanting to learn when all I wanted was to learn from this lady! But by today, I want to learn from someone else. Especially after seeing how unprofessional she is when she’s not getting what she wants. I’m VERY disappointed in Kler Rosenberg and I will make sure to tell everyone I know how she only cares about money and herself. Which is the complete opposite of what I thought 9 weeks ago when I sincerely thought she had my back. Kler, if you can’t understand how beyond frustrating it is to pay for something and not get it, then maybe you shouldn’t be teaching. I wouldn’t be upset at you if I genuinely didn’t practice. But I practiced all the time. I just didn’t brag about it on social media. It’s not in my nature to share my practice until I’ve mastered something. You should genuinely be ashamed of yourself for accusing people of actions they are not doing. I am gravely disappointed in you, and your more
Sarah Farenga
Sarah Farenga
The Beauty Angels live course with Master Trainer Kler was absolutely fantastic. It was so detailed, informative and honestly, a lot of fun. Her incredible guidance and care for each and every one of her students is just amazing. By far, worth every penny. You're not going to find a better trainer or course out there than this♡
Agnes Farkas
Agnes Farkas
Master Kler is not only a great Microblading Master but a classy and very approachable lady with a great sense of humor. Her work and photos already are presenting her knowledge and skills, but her live course is very personal and she is sharing valuable tips and skills to become a great artist. Beauty Angels Academy is working with high standard, quality products. I loved them all. Thank you Kler for going out of your way for me! ❤️😘
Katie Juanita
Katie Juanita
Kler is a wonderful, smart, and a extremely helpful teacher. I wouldn’t have the skill or confidence without her and beauty angels!

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