The Top 7 Tips For Success With Microblading Certification

Deciding which company, and in particular, which trainer to get certified with is an important decision.  I made the wrong decision early on and attended two trainings that left me with little confidence and a lot of confusion.  

But ultimately I found Phibrows, a company that offered a very structured, high quality training program and provided me with a successful mentor to learn from.

The result was that I mastered the art, learned how to market myself and built an extremely profitable microblading business.

And THAT, is exactly what you should be looking for as well.

My name is Kler Rosenberg.  I became the first master trainer for Phibrows in the United States, widely known as the highest standard in the microblading industry, and I am now the head trainer and co-owner of Microblading Academy USA, the first Official PhiAcademy in the United States.  

As you consider getting certified yourself, one thing you must be aware of is that building a successful microblading business requires that you not only master the art of microblading and that you do good work, but that you learn how to market yourself and build your business. If you do both, you will find yourself with referrals calling you constantly and a very fulfilling and profitable microblading business.
With this in mind, here are the top 7 tips that will help lead you to success with your microblading certification:

  1. reviews-reviews-reviewsReviews, reviews, reviews! This is arguably the most important as you select which company and trainer to go with and it deserves to be first in this list. In this world of social media, there is a ton of unbiased information available about most things you might purchase from real customers, including microblading certification training.  Take advantage of this! Check reviews.  Watch testimonials.  Consider the number and quality of the reviews.  Do the students seem sincere?  Pay attention to any patterns you notice about what students talk about.  This can provide you great insight into what other students valued from the microblading training and can help you determine how to make your own decision. There is a lot you can learn here. Reviews are perhaps the most important part of your decision process.  If you did nothing else but make your decision based on reviews, you would probably make a quality decision.
  2. The highest quality training, not the cheapest: high-standardsThis is a big mistake many people make when they are researching microblading certification. The difference of $300, $500, or even $1,000 cost difference is nothing in the scheme of things compared to the income potential of a successful microblading business.  You can make a fortune in microblading if you take the right path, select the right company and trainer, and if you work hard at mastering the art and learning how to effectively market your services. The right trainer can teach you one tip or trick that can save you $500 easy. Getting certified by the right company will ensure that you produce high quality work which can easily make the difference between you charging $400 per treatment or $750 per treatment.  Don’t be penny cheap and pound foolish.  Simply search for the company and trainer that you feel will help you be the best practitioner of microblading and will help you build a successful business and you will likely make your investment back many, many, MANY times.
  3. mentorFind a mentor: Most every successful person you know had a mentor – a successful person who was able to teach them the mindset, the approach, the shortcuts, and the tips and tricks that make all the difference. These are things that can only be learned from someone who has already created the success you desire and knows what works. Search for a microblading master trainer that already has the success you are looking for – someone who could help guide you, someone who you could model your own business after… your own mentor.
  4. A structured curriculum:structured-curriculum Microblading is relatively new. While there are already several options for microblading certification, a lot of these options are not extremely professional or organized as you might expect from a large corporate name. So one of the first things to look for is an organized and structured curriculum. This is crucial as you will not be ready immediately to work on clients right after a brief live course.  You will need to practice (practice, practice!!), develop your confidence in the technique, and master the art of microblading.  Having a structure to follow not only in the live course, but even more importantly for the “home study” portion of your training is critical.  At Microblading Academy USA, this is the Craftmaster Application.  The Craftmaster Application is an app you download to a mobile device or tablet that includes over 10 hours of HD videos and tutorials for continuing ongoing education and home practice. The Craftmaster leads students through 11 structured levels, with each level building on the last (like building blocks), until mastery of the entire microblading technique is achieved by the end. Take a look here at how professional the Craftmaster is:

  5. Ongoing support: ongoing-supportBe weary of “microblading training” seminars that offer no support after their live course. Needless to say, this sets students up for frustration and failure. Plain and simple: you cannot just take a weekend course (no matter if it is 1 day, 2 days, or even 5 days) and expect to master the art of microblading.  Having ongoing support and feedback is crucial to your development and achieving your certification.  Without ongoing support from a master trainer as you practice and develop your mastery, how do you know if you are heading in the right direction, or improving, or simply repeating mistakes and developing bad habits?  At Microblading Academy USA we offer 6 months of ongoing support and it occurs directly through the Craftmaster application. This allows students to submit their work and their questions and receive their answers and guidance directly from a master practitioner.
  6. A company that maintains a high standard: Find a company that is known for a high standard of quality. At Microblading Academy USA, if you choose to take our live microblading certification course or simply sign up for our online microblading certification course, you do not automatically receive the highly regarded Phibrows microblading certification – you will have to earn it.  We require that you demonstrate mastery of each of the 11 levels in the Craftmaster application that make up the entire process of microblading.  You demonstrate your work to a master trainer, who grants you permission to move on to each subsequent level, ensuring your success.  This holds all Phibrows professionals to the same standard of excellence, which in turn, maintains the quality and integrity of the brand, which benefits all who advertise this prestigious certification.
  7. A brand name that is known for quality: brand-name-that-means-qualityFind a company that has a name that is recognized in the marketplace.  This will help you market your services – especially as microblading becomes more well known and a more competitive marketplace.  Promoting yourself as a Neiman Marcus is more powerful that marketing yourself as Walmart… Make sense? Quality and prestige. You can be sure that just like any other industry, most practitioners will not offer high quality work or service.  This is a big part of how you can stand out. Associating yourself with a brand name already known for high quality will make a big difference.

Getting training in microblading has the power to change your life – financially, yes, but in so many other ways. Spend some time going over these points and apply them to your search for an educator. Read the reviews on our Facebook page. Watch the testimonials from graduates who have taken the course. And if you feel empowered to change your life, then decide if you want to do one of our live certification courses or the online certification course and go with it!

While many questions are answered in our FAQ, we are always available to answer any questions you may have by email or by phone.

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